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This site shares photos and stories of members of the Stevens, Tomes, Nash, McGregor, Woodcock, Cooper, Smith, Phipps, and Bletcher families. We have Yukon explorers, Mayflower descendents, lake captains, actors, politicians, and more. You are invited to share in the colorful history that is our family. Please be sure to visit links at the bottom of the page to see our full archive of family photos at Shutterfly, and our family tree at Ancestry.com for the complete family history experience.


by Katie (Stevens) Schumm

Greetings, family and visitors. I am the architect of this site, borrowing from the research, preservation, and memories of several family members, living and dead. On my father's side, I come from a line of Stevenses and Tomeses, and was born with the surname Stevens. We mostly come from England, Scotland, and Ireland originally. More recent generations have been rooted in London, Ontario and Michigan.
I am hardly the first amateur genealogist in the family. When sifting through family genealogy records just a few years back, I found a carbon of a letter written to the editor of an Ontario newspaper, composed by my great-grandmother, Eleanor Tomes, in the 1950s. In the letter, she chided the editor for not knowing and printing our family's Mayflower lineage in a Thanksgiving-themed "local color" article. How dare he! Through her dignified outrage, one could not help but understand how proud she was of her family history. 
My grandfather, Robert Stevens, was also a dilligent family history steward who thoughtfully clipped and saved stacks of newspaper articles in his office file drawers. At a time before Internet research was available, my grandfather hand-typed family trees and kept notes on legal pads. He wrote letters to distant family members and sent away for historical record books, sometimes waiting months or years to receive a response. For his patience and dedication, I am very grateful.
As part of the most recent generation to take up the mantle of family historians, I, along with my sister, uncles, and cousins, am able to build upon the history of a loving family with a legacy of learning, sharing, and forward-thinking, thanks largely to those who have come before us. 

The purpose of this genealogy project is to assemble family facts, stories, and images in one place, so they may be enjoyed and shared by other family members near and distant. I have, at my access, so many rich images and intriguing stories, that it felt wrong to hoard them all. These images and stories don't belong in a storage bin and stuffed in binders. They should be out there for everyone to enjoy.
Beyond the historical archive you will find here, I am also proud to try and tell the stories behind these photos, names, and collection of dates, and have done so as faithfully and reverently as possible--though, in our case, the reverence part can be a little difficult when describing some of the characters from our family tree.
So, please, family members of mine, enjoy what is published here. Our family has had sea captains, explorers, teachers, politicians, entrepreneurs, war-time nurses, and even a few scoundrels. Take the time to read the family stories, download a few pictures to print or share, and get to known the amazing people you came from! 


There are two other sites I have set  up to thoroughly record our family history: A family tree and a comprehensive photo site with scans of all available family photos. Please click below to visit these other pages for a complete history and experience.


FAMILY TREE online at ancestry.com



Email for further questions and requests:


November 19, 2013  This site is launched as a companion to our family tree and photo site.

May 7, 2014  We are sad to note the passing of Robert A. Stevens, son of Alva Stevens and Ada (Nash) Stevens.

January, 2015  We have received a report from The Mayflower Society confirming our lineage claim through generation 6. The burden of proof for generations 7-13 now lies ahead.

September, 2016 We are sad to note the passing of Meredith L. Stevens, my younger sister and proud genealogist.

September, 2019 We are sad to note the passing of Mary Ellen (Tomes) Stevens, daughter of Earle A. Tomes and Eleanor McGregor.

© 2019, Katie Schumm. 

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